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Small Arms of Moche People in Primorye (Based on Materials of Monastyrka III Cemetery)

O. V. Diyakova, V. E. Shavkunov
In the article we analyze the small arms of the medieval cemetery Monastyrka III, which is located in the Dalnegorskii district of Primorye (Russian Far East). Classification of shooting arms is presented by 3 types of flat stemless arrowhead and 8 types of petiolar arrowhead. Flat stemless arrowhead are remarks of stone ones and descend from tips of Poltsevo culture. The small arms of Monastyrka III were used mainly for hunting, but not for war. Among 100 arrowheads, only 4 are armor-piercing. It was found the full quiver with arrows of 30 tips and only 2 were arm tips in the burial no. 31. Besides, fighting tips of the burial ground of Monastyrka III have no direct analogies in arms of the synchronous cultures. Most likely, they were a local production and aimed the punching of a leather and felt armor. The chisel-shaped tips were found on monuments of the Bohai's and Jurchen's cultures and were applied to defeat of a metal lamellar armor. Therefore, a resettlement of alien, initially nomadic Moche tribes have happened mainly peacefully and probably on free lands. It is possible that it was promoted by different economic niches of Poltsevo (farmers and handicraftsmen) and Moche (hunters and fishers) peoples. The social organization of the population that has left a cemetery Monastyrka III was high, and since had a certain state status. In grave 29 it was buried a person with imperious attribute – a bronze gilded jingle with the hieroglyphs saying that it was "the chief of fortress Shuidaocheng". The location of fortress Shuidaocheng is comparable to the Vaskovskaya stone fortress, which was protecting an entrance to a bay Rydnaya and spaced from a cemetery Monastyrka III in 1.6 km. The earlier age of the cemetery Monastyrka III is also pointed out upon of Flat stemless arrowhead (a remark of stone), which have appeared for the first time in the iron execution of Poltsevo culture which upper bound is dated by the 4th century. Signs of transition to new, heavier arms type are recorded in materials of Monastyrka III. They give us the grounds to believe that the process of its formation was a long one.
Primorye, Moche culture, Bohai culture, Smolninskaya culture, Monastyrka III cemetery, tips armament

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