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The Comparative Analysis of Primary Splitting of the Middle Yenisei “Small Blade” Industries (Based on Materials of Maltat Site and 19th Cultural Layer of Listvenka Site)

V. M. Kharevich, E. V. Akimova

The article is about the results of the comparative analysis which illustrates the technologies of blades production within the complexes of Maltat and Listvenka (19th cultural layer) sites, the Middle Yenisei “small blades industry” of the Upper Paleolithic, but significantly varied by the ages. The work shows the results of analyzes of cores blanks and core trimming flakes. An availability of the single technological model of the gaining blades in the industry of both sites are argued. Key elements of the technology that is mentioned above are: 1) formation of smooth and slightly concaved surface of striking platform by limited amount of removals 2) the prevalence of the reduction while preparing an area for an act of splitting 3) shearing of blades by the soft hammer-stone direct hit 4) keeping the convex form of the front by the edged and partly ridge flake. Thus, we can argue that lithic blade technology on observed sites is single on artifacts morphology and on used splitting method. Usage of this technology in other different aged Middle Yenisei complexes (Tarachiha, Afanasieva Gora and others) which are refers to the industry of “small blades” consisted through Sartan glacial period.

Upper Paleolithic, Middle Yenisei, stone industry, blade lithic technology, primary splitting

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