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Geoarchaeological Objects of Zabolotski Peatbog on the Territory of European Russia

A. N. Sorokin, M. Hamakava
The article presents the materials and preliminary results of a study of the two most unique geoarchaeological objects: Zabolotski peatbog in the center of the Russian Plain – Zamostie 5 and Minino 2. It presents a multi-layer parking, on the territory of which there is a ground burial. In Zamostie 5 we studied at least nine cultural layers, four of which are dry valley and five have a water-accumulative genesis and found five graves of Volosovo culture. It is the age range ~3,0–12,5 ka BP. In dry valley layers, in addition to ceramic and stone products, the bones and horns artifacts are well preserved in water layer, in addition to stone, bone and horn products, there are an abundance of wood products. The particular interest to the Minino 2 was due to the fact that here, in addition to the settlement layers of Resseta and Zadnepilevo cultures, for the first time in Central Russia the ground burial abroad Pleistocene – Holocene was open and where we examined four burials. Processes of pedoturbation and marsh mineralization led to activation of diagenetic processes that significantly changed the organic component of bone, which greatly hampered the direct dating of samples according to the secreted collagen and led to problem of dating, as well as a significant damage to fauna, bone and horn products. However, in such state because of its uniqueness, it represents a significant study interest.
Russian plain, Final Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Zabolotski peatbog, Minino 2, Zamostie 5, bone and horn artifacts, wood products, Resseta culture, Zadnepilevo culture, site, ground burial
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