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Mangyshlak’s Turkmens in the Beginning of the Last Century by German Ethnographer and through a Prism of the Subsequent Events

M. Soyegov
In comparison with the data of other authors, the data on Turkmens contained in the book of the German ethnographer Richard Karutz (1867–1945) are compared with the data of other authors, published in Russian variant in St. Petersburg in 1911 as a separate book titled "Among the Kirghiz and Turkmens in Mangyshlak ". Prior to this, this book was published in Germany in its German original in the same year of 1911 (Leipzig), then underwent two more editions in 1919 and 1920 in Berlin. Russian translation was carried out by E. L. Petri on behalf and with the help of Academician V. V. Radlov and aroused great interest not only among specialists, but had a popularity among a wide range of readers. The author of this book, Richard Karutz, who visited for three times during the first decade of the twentieth century the Turkmens of Mangyshlak peninsula, systematically presented his ethnographic observations, which are valuable information not only for contemporary ethnographers, but also for historians involved in studying the issues of the recent migration of some Turkmen families and tribes to Turkmenistan. The book is also valuable because it is illustrated by numerous photographs, drawings and tables. This article also briefly talks about some famous personalities who came from the Mangyshlak, the Turkmen who played a major role in the development of statehood, science and culture of Turkmenistan, occupying high and responsible posts and positions in the last century. Let us recall some of them. For example, Nedirbai Aitakov (1894–1938), who was elected in 1925 as the Chairman of the first Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the newly formed Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic (Turkmen SSR). Kumushali Boriev (1896–1937) is one of the first linguists, translators and organizers of science in Turkmenistan in the twentieth century. Kerim Mashrykov (1909–1974) and Kurban Amaniyazov (1932–2015) – prominent geologists, elected to the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan respectively as a full member (academician) and corresponding member. From the circle of Mangyshlak Turkmens came out other famous people.
Mangyshlak peninsula, Turkmеns, German scientist, ethnographic studying, well-known representatives

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