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Forts of Xiongnu Epoch in the East of Mongolia

S. V. Danilov, N. V. Imenokhoev, B. Z. Nanzatov, A. I. Simukhin, A. Ochir, L. Erdenebold
Due to various objective reasons: geographic, climatic, economic, social, political the nomads of Central Asia began to create forts, as a place of trade, handicraft centers, religious facilities, fortification for protection against the aggression of neighboring countries and tribal associations since the formation of the first state. The construction of forts in the epoch of Xiongnu is connected with the reform process that made the significant changes in the life of the nomads of Inner Asia. The first forts emerged around the end of the III century BC. New forts based throughout the whole existence of the Xiongnu Empire. However, the emergence of the early cities in the nomadic societies has no final decision about the mechanism of urban culture formation in the region. Research of the features of the space development for urban settlements would clarify one aspect of the problem. Presently, a few urban settlements known in the territory of Central Asia, South and Eastern Siberia. This article devoted to research Xiongnu forts of Mongolia, located in the East. Fortresses and settlements investigated as part of the joint Russian-Mongolian project in the territory of Central, Eastern and Khentei aimags of Mongolia. The collected data allowed reproducing the latest topographical plans of settlements (with the orientation of the terrain relative to the sides light, the presence of structures on their territory and more exact dimensions).
Inner Asia, Central Asia, Mongolia, Xiongnu, fort, nomads, mapping, space, archaeology, history

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